Yoga Mat Strap – DIY Tutorial

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IMG_5946I take my yoga mat to the gym, at least 3 times a week.  It’s so difficult to keep it rolled up and it’s also impossible to make it fit in a yoga bag or a tote bag.  So, I decided to sew a strap for it.

1I had this scrap fabric from another project so I decided to make good use of it.  I started off by measuring the circumference of my mat when it’s rolled up. That measurement was 16 inches.  I doubled that to 32 inches, since it will wrap on both ends.  Using a tape measure, I estimated how long the center strap would need to be and came to the conclusion that I wanted it about 40 inches.  I added that 40 inches to the 32 inch roll measurement, making the total strap length 72 inches.  I also determined that I wanted the strap to be 2 inches wide so…

STEP 1: Cut fabric 4 inches by 72.5 inches.

2Step 2: Fold the fabric, with right sides facing together and sew along the edge for the entire 72 inch length.


4Step 3: Turn the strap right side out.  This is my least favorite part of the project!

5Step 4: Turn in edges on both ends and sew them closed.


7Step 5: Top stitch around the entire edge, to give it a finished look.


9See how much nicer it looks with the edges all top-stitched?

aStep 6: Sew a buttonhole on each end of the strap.

bStep 7: Feed one end of the strap through the opposite end’s button-hole (as shown below).

cThis creates a loop on one end.

dStep 8: Now feed the loop and entire strap through the remaining button-hole on the other end of the strap.


fThis creates a loop on each end that is adjustable in size.

hStep 9: Wrap loops around the yoga mat (as shown below).

iThat’s it! A very easy project that turned out quite cute, don’t you think?



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