• Blogger Dog


      Cocoa is getting a promotion to “Dog Blogger”.  As you can see, it’s all she really wants to do.  So, I have given her a “Cocoa” category.  That dog!  …

  • Top 5 Candy Recipes


    Today, I’m sharing my 5 favorite candy recipes.  These are all easy, they don’t require a candy thermometer and they all use the microwave.  That’s the way I roll, people.  I hope you…

  • Biscuits


    Seriously, I’m not even kidding, there are only two ingredients in these delicious biscuits. My grandmother (sweet Baboo) shared this recipe with me when I got married 22 years ago and I didn’t…

  • Crocheted Edge Towel Tutorial


      I made this yesterday as a gift for my friend who just so happens to be named “Joy”.  I always try to get her a Christmas gift that says “Joy”.…

  • Holiday Home Tour – Winter Tablescape


    I have a LOOKOUT list, do you have a list like that?  My Lookout List is a list of things I am “on the lookout for” especially when I’m antique shopping or at garage sales.  It’s…

  • DIY Traced Wreath Chalkboard


    I’m so happy with my little Christmas chalkboard that I made.  It was soooo easy.  I’ll show you how. First of all, I didn’t have a chalkboard that would fit on…