New Laundry Room Reveal

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DSC_0199Meet the new laundry room!

I cannot even believe that this is really MY laundry room.

DSC_0209If open, I couldn’t move around the washer and dryer doors, in my previous laundry room.  It was very cramped, to say the least.  If you are familiar with my previous posts on the remodel, then you know that this was a living room or “hearth room” that we never used!  I think the space will definitely be used now!

DSC_0207We moved our previous kitchen fridge in here and bought a counter-depth unit for the kitchen.  The extra freezer space alone makes me want to sing.

DSC_0201I’m super excited about the drawer and cabinet space

DSC_0203…and the hanging bar!

DSC_0205Cocoa has her little spot – although she never goes in that crate.  That’s her new dining room!

DSC_0199My favorite spot in the room is the farm sink… also known as “Cocoa’s Bathtub”


DSC_0196The floors are my other favorite thing.  They look like weathered wood but they are tile.

DSC_0220And I’ll be hanging this on the wall, when I get around to it.  See how I made it here.

I’m also looking for a small table to go in the center of the room.

Thanks for letting me share!  I’ll promise to post photos of the new mud room and kitchen soon!

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