Holiday Home Tour – Christmas Entry

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DSC_0986This is my very simple holiday entry table.  I didn’t do much to change this space.  I filled my hurricane vase with candy canes and filled a mason jar with cinnamon sticks.  Then, I stuck a santa painting on an easel and added it off to the side.  The preserved boxwood wreath always hangs there but I switched out the ribbon for a more festive look.  I added 3 little Christmas trees to the middle of the table. I like to place things in odd numbers (like 3 trees rather than 4) and 3 is my favorite number for decor.

DSC_0990You’ll have to excuse the messy baskets underneath.  We keep our throw blankets for cuddling on the sofa, in those bins.  They never end up folded all nicely, so why photograph them that way!?


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