I come up with some crazy adventures and ideas sometimes. This is my life. Sometimes I turn this craziness into fun tutorials and DIY inspiration. If you decide to try any of my crazy advice, please know that it’s at your own risk! I’m not responsible for anything that might go awry – as often DIY projects do.

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This blog of mine is supposed to be entertaining and inspiring. I am not a professional ANYTHING, meaning don’t jump in with both feet before you consult a real professional, especially if the project deals with remodeling, construction or medical endeavors. Hehehe. I’m not exactly sure what kind of medical DIY I might come up with, in the future, but this covers my butt anyway. I do a lot of research before I write my blog posts but again, everything here is simply entertaining suggestions. Realize that you are reading at your own risk – if reading Doodles & Stitches inspires you to do something crazy like patch drywall and you end up with a burst pipe… it’s not my fault, m’kay?

I want to make sure that you realize how much I value YOU as a reader. I will never, ever, ever, ever (you get the picture) sell ANY of your personal or contact information to anyone. I will never, ever, ever, ever (you get the picture) put your information on any spam list. Please realize that I am not responsible for privacy policies and practices on any of my advertisers websites or any of my blog commenters.

I reserve the right (that sounds so professional of me) to shut this thing down or change the entire direction of Doodles and Stitches anytime I want. I can sell this blog or change it’s terms of use, if I so choose. Anybody looking to buy Doodles and Stitches for 1.4 million? Email me. We’ll discuss.

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