Brick Floor

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brick entireThe new flooring was installed this week in the mudroom, half bath, laundry room and kitchen.

This brick is in the entryway and mud area.  It is my very favorite thing in this whole world!  I cannot believe how much I LOVE it!  Isn’t it cool?  The bricks are actual building bricks from old Chicago buildings.  They have so much character, as you can see in the photo below.

brick upclose 1I was a little worried about how Cocoa would like walking on the rough floor but she doesn’t seem to mind!  It’s really not as rough as it looks.

brick cocoaBelow is the view from the side door entrance.  As you can see, the walls are not completed and the trim isn’t up yet. They haven’t started on the mud room cabinets or benches but it’s coming along!

brick enterAnd this is how it looks from the kitchen (below).

brick from kitchen

brick upclose 2

The Laundry Room – Plank Tile Floor

laundryThe laundry room (above) has plank tiles that looks like distressed wood.  The tile was still wet when I took the photograph.  It really does look like a wood floor.  I’m so excited to have such a big laundry room.  I might just move into that room!!

half bathThe half bath (above) hasn’t been grouted yet.  We chose a dark slate tile – it kinda looks like a chalkboard.

And now for the KITCHEN…

hardwood 2They sanded down the existing hardwoods and then stained them using a darker stain.  Below, you can see where the floor meets in the living room and it’s a different color.  I think we will come back some time next year and do all the floors to match the kitchen.  I’m very happy with the color.  It’s so much darker but you can’t really tell from my photographs.  Again, the floor was still wet with sealer when I took these photos.  You will see better photos when the kitchen reveal posts come out in a few weeks.

hardwood 3

hardwoods1And that’s it for now.  The new kitchen cabinets, laundry room cabinets and mud room cabinets will be installed Tuesday this week.  I will post pictures as soon as possible.  Thanks for letting me share.  It’s getting real!  I am so excited to see everything completed and put back together.

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