Antique Butter Churn

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Antique Butter Churn Table, I love you

antique butter churn cocoa

Isn’t this butter churn the coolest thing ever?  Steve asked me if he was going to come home and find me making butter in the living room.  He thinks he’s so funny.  I really do think this antique butter churn is my very favorite piece of furniture.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE…

Here’s a funny thing about my sweet Cocoa…  She will NOT sit still for me to take a picture of her.  As a matter of fact, if she even suspects that I’m trying to take a photo of her, she runs from me.  The ONE EXCEPTION is when I am trying to photograph something other than her… like this antique butter churn and I can’t get her to move out of the photo.  Actually, I could’ve gotten her out of the photo by saying “treat” but poor Cocoa is on a little diet cut-back food thing right now.  She’s getting fat from eating all of Piper’s puppy food.  Wait, what’s this post about?  I got sidetracked, as I do.  Let’s look at some more pics of this lovely…

antique butter churn

Looking at this antique butter churn makes me smile.  I really love it, did I mention that?

antique butter churn table

I was just temporarily using this lamp but I think it really works.  I might need to look for a new bedroom lamp because looks like this one has found a new home.

antique butter churn angle

Where I got my antique butter churn…

We really are so lucky to live only a few miles away from Sheffields Antique Mall, a huge warehouse full of antique booths. It’s fun to see what a “Mother’s Day Weekend Shopping Trip” to Sheffield’s will get you!  Just to clarify, this was just a happy extra that we found.  They spent lots of sweet thought and time picking out perfect gifts for me, as always.

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